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What is the Freedom Breakthrough 3 Day Challenge?

First of all, the cost is only $7, so it's not a costly investment. It provides a ton of value for only 3 days, which you'll likely not find in a course that costs ten times as much.

In his YouTube channel and on his Facebook group, Jonathan Montoya provides a lot of free value.

His training and content are the best since he is actually applying the methods he teaches.

Ordinary people are using his methods to make their living and learning from him, so he's not just another guru trying to sell methods.

Recently, he has played an increasingly important role in the affiliate community and has been acknowledged by a number of distinguished figures.

Being able to work with him and learn his methods while achieving great results in a short amount of time is an incredible opportunity.

Anyone looking to start an affiliate marketing business can benefit from the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge.

As a partner with him, you will have the opportunity to use his proven techniques to launch your own online business. This is an amazing value at only $7.

Is the Breakthrough Challenge worth it and Who Is Jonathan Montoya And What Does He Have To Offer?

He is the founder of Freedom Breakthrough and is not well-known online. In affiliate marketing, he seems like a new guru.

A program called Legendary Marketer appears to be the source of his knowledge. Despite its popularity, Legendary Marketer is a very expensive affiliate marketing course.

The business breakthrough is a true training program that teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing business from the ground up. It is 3 days of training to get you mentally and emotionally ready for the opportunity of having a home-based business. You will also be introduced to a series of 12 video modules in the course which explain everything you need to know about choosing your niche, building a website, email marketing, and getting traffic from seven sources of traffic.

The program is $7 at the time of this writing and for a limited time, only you get access to 3 bonuses which can blow up your business if applied. First Bonus is an E-book which you will be able to edit and use to promote your business. This is will get you set up really fast and you will not find other programs giving access to such a detailed document. The second bonus is a complete done for you business 6 Figure Affiliate funnel and the third bonus is the secret emails that have generated him 6 figures. Use these prewritten, proven emails right away.

The Freedom Breakthrough Course in a nutshell

Those interested in affiliate marketing and passive income should consider Freedom Breakthrough. It is intended for those who have a clear understanding that affiliate marketing is not for the faint of heart, but a real business opportunity requiring a lot of hard work and time.

Facebook ads make up the last traffic module within Freedom Breakthrough. Basically, you want to create ads that are targeted towards your audience. It ensures that you do not waste money by focusing your budget on a specific group of people.

Is The Affiliate Marketing Course Worth Your Time?

It definitely is. This is truly powerful and life changing. So many ordinary people are finding success with this training. It is a step by step guide on how you can use an affiliate link to promote other people's products and get paid if they buy through your link, so affiliate marketing is the perfect business model for beginners.

A website is essential for affiliate marketers. A good thing is that you can build one pretty easily, especially with the help of training.

Firstly, you will learn about affiliate marketing in general. You'll be promoting your products and services in your niche. A niche might be skincare. Learn to pick niches that are worthwhile and not to choose.

A Pros And Cons Analysis Of The Challenge

After going through this one in depth, I saw nothing but a legitimate affiliate marketing training course.

As a whole, he appears to be a trustworthy individual. As a result, he has a lot of credibility, since he's active online through other outlets besides his course.

His next step is to reveal his secret techniques for driving free organic traffic to your offers after explaining how he sets up his system.

This course will teach you how to set up a sales funnel that is fully automated, where every step is automated. By collecting emails, sending offers, and earning commissions on autopilot, you will easily get traffic to your funnel once you start getting traffic.

After that, he shows you how you can download funnels and email sequences that have been built for you so you can send them out... It's important that you succeed as a product owner.

During his Webclass, he will teach you how to drive traffic to Tiktok using a 3-step system (for free). This video will show you how he used YouTube to drive $7,200 in affiliate sales (on the front-end), and build an email list on the back-end.

This video shows the power of Youtube traffic by taking you inside his analytics on YouTube. YouTube videos are pieces of digital real estate that never expire because they are evergreen. You can take this formula to build your own video library for your YouTube channel by using his formula.

When you're looking for a simple-to-use affiliate marketing system, this program is great.

In this course, Jonathan will show you how to choose a target market for your business based on your interests. You should choose something that suits your interests since not everyone has the same preferences.

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Using Tiktok to drive traffic

It is amazing how quickly this digital marketer grew a six-figure affiliate business from obscurity.

TikTok paid ads are the topic of the next Freedom Breakthrough module. This is my first time learning about TikTok, so the information in this module and everything Jonathan teaches is completely new to me.


Jonathon Montoya cannot be branded as a scammer. The evidence does not support this claim. In fact, he has quite a bit of experience with affiliate marketing. As well as being comprehensive, the course also covers many topics.This guy was unknown to me six months ago. I'm surprised it took me so long to get on his radar as someone who's 'on the ground' about everything affiliate marketing.

A few months ago, I discovered him through one of his YouTube videos, and since then, I've followed him regularly.

It is remarkable how quickly this digital marketer rose from obscurity to growing a six-figure affiliate business.

As the rest of the country began to tighten its belts against the uncertainty of Covid-19, he quit his $80,000 a year job as an engineer to focus on helping a lot of people achieve the same results in the affiliate marketing industry.

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